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Windblown Juniper is a strong indication of harnessable energy.

Recent Project Experience ...............................

Our most recent completed and operating projects are the 41 MW (Phase I) and 63 MW (Phase II) Combine Hills Turbine Ranch near Milton-Freewater OR for Eurus Energy America Corp.   Serving as local project development manager, we provided all site-related services from site origination thru permitting and compliance & environmental issues wrap-up. This included competitive land leasing negotiations; building community and political support; resolving property line and title defects; acquiring off-site transmission line ROW easements; acquiring numerous ancillary permits from federal, state and local agencies; negotiating and supervising environmental reviews; providing an ALTA survey of the property and correcting erroneous property boundaries; arranging anemometers deployment and maintenance; staking for construction guidance; ensuring clean public road access including rectifications, temporary sharp corner radiusing and gate agreements; planning and acquiring construction water supply; analysis of project footprint requirements; creating detailed maps of the entire site and projects' layouts; making public appearances; providing for legal opinions of the major permit and PPA; performing utility interconnection planning and applications support; negotiating layout planning with the land owners while accounting for various regulatory requirements and project needs; PacifiCorp and BPA transmission interconnections strategy, locations and queue processes management; negotiating a community benefits program; providing a comprehensive construction requirements and quality control check list; assembling and supervising a team to accomplish all these tasks and reviewing their products and billings; and providing the client with materials for their sales proposals. We successfully split the project into two phases to accommodate last minute interconnection limitations and obtained the Conditional Use Permits from Umatilla County in hearings with unanimous Commission support and no public objectors. During this time, we also helped Umatilla county enact its first wind development ordinance.

Since then we have initiated several other large scale wind Northwest projects for various clients which could hold up to 600 MW. These are currently in process toward completion.

Combine Hills Turbine Ranch