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Windblown Juniper is a strong indication of harnessable energy.

Aeropower Services Inc....................................

Aeropower Services' principal, Don Bain started as a wind industry professional in 1975 at Lockheed working on their Wind Energy Mission Analysis.   He participated in another study for the State of California, which was a basis for planning development which started in 1981.   Since, he served 21 years as the Wind Specialist at the OR Dept. of Energy.   He was instrumental with FERC and the OR PUC during the adoption of PURPA rules and state legislation.   He has served on many committees involved in a wide variety of wind-related issues in the Pacific Northwest.   At the State, he managed OR's early '80s anemometer loan program, created the original Windy Land Owners Guide, initiated and supported the adoption of various OR legislation, and provided technical assistance to the public.   He served the Northwest Power and Conservation Council in several committees and helped them establish their wind potential methodology and supply curve.   The Wind Research Cooperative was another activity at OSU which he started.   As a member of the National Wind Coordinating Committee's Siting Subcommittee, he helped produce their first siting guidelines document.   In various consulting assignments during this period he helped Minnesota establish its state-level wind project permitting process and consolidated Buffalo Ridge (MN) environmental review process, and helped Klickitat County (WA) review applications for two wind projects.   He also was a contractor for the Izaak Walton League's guidance document for land owners with wind ambitions.

Member of the American Wind Energy Association.