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Windblown Juniper is a strong indication of harnessable energy.

How We Help Our Clients ................................

Our clients include project developers, project owners, government agencies, resource land owners, utilities and non profit groups.   We apply our development skills to a wide range of clients' needs on a customized basis to best fit the situation.

Our developer clients who take advantage of our full range of services would be adding their turbines, a general contractor, their financing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to complete their projects. We also make sure the land control documentation, legal opinions, regulatory documents and other factors are in place to support the financing process.

We provide execution phase services which ensure continuity, compliance and translation between construction and all the expectations created before then.   This is followed at the appropriate time by close-out activities to wrap up the project’s regulatory and other local requirements during early commercial operations.   Sometimes this includes managing a few years of operational impacts studies or community involvement programs.   By working these aspects from end-to-end, there is consistency and coherence throughout - and lower risk.

Our land owner clients get critical review of offers from developers and help to protect their interests and obtain fair compensation while still enabling realistic development.   We can assess a property's feasibility for wind projects and add significant value, sometimes with the owner’s contributions, for marketing to the wind industry for development by providing what the industry needs to choose a property.   We understand the concerns of farmers, ranchers and forestry property owners and help integrate the project planning with their operations and needs.   Institutional land owners get help launching land leasing programs for wind development.

Our due diligence clients get an independent set of experienced eyes and ears focused on assuring that what is represented is real, assuring that the work done is in compliance with prior and established expectations according to best practices, and critically reviewing non technical aspects of the project.   In this capacity we supplement the engineering, legal and meteorological work of other trusted providers by paying attention to many of the 'soft' factors which can (& do if one follows the news) delay or otherwise impair a project and hurt reputations.

Our local government clients get help reviewing development permit applications, enacting sensible conditional use ordinances and independent expertise to help resolve problems and controversies.   We also can help with land use and economic development plans to coherently address wind resources, project development and transmission elements.   Compliance monitoring also can be done.

Our utility clients may need the full range of our capabilities, depending on the utility's objectives and involvement with wind projects.   In addition, we can help form RFPs, evaluate proposals and do forms of due diligence for what they wish to acquire.   Sometimes this may be information or analysis for supply or transmission planning.

Our public interest group clients get studies, educational materials, workshop presentations and research projects.   We help them help others achieve their wind agendas.   This may include intervention in PUC proceedings or help with legislation.



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