picture of clouds
picture of old wind mill
leaning juniper tree
Windblown Juniper is a strong indication of harnessable energy.

What we do .....................................................

We serve persons with needs arising from medium to large scale wind development objectives.   Our services are focused on the wind project development process from devising a regional strategy and site origination to sites being ready to construct - all wind projects must start from somewhere and we do it from scratch!   The same services also could be applied to repowering situations.

We help people solve problems and move their project forward. We create and add value. We do this by focusing on development planning, preconstruction issues, feasibility review, regulatory/permitting issues, land-based agreements, transmission planning, community and political relations, and combining all this with preconstruction project management.   In addition to our expertise we integrate our work with our clients' knowledge, skills and trusted team members.

We supplement and integrate the technical work provided by expert meteorologists, due diligence and project design engineers with our expertise to ensure the entire project is financable, low risk, locally supported and executed according to a good plan - without hiring high-overhead big-box A&E firms who either don't fit in with rural culture or don’t have the industry background to manage an entire development team.   We have low overheads and, in addition to our core team, we try to use local partners to further leverage our success.