picture of clouds
picture of old wind mill
leaning juniper tree
Windblown Juniper is a strong indication of harnessable energy.

Our Teamwork Approach .................................

This approach emphasizes specialized small professional services businesses who are managed by Aeropower Services.  These firms are in a blend of locations from the major Northwest cities to rural areas close to the wind resources.   For development activities it often is advisable to include local firms which already have a political presence and long-standing reputations in their communities.

The professionals we bring to the client have respected expertise in transmission network analysis and power systems engineering, substation design, GIS/mapping/surveying, project management, roads layout and construction preplanning, environmental surveying, watersheds/forestry issues, regulatory processes, cultural/historical/archeological activities, and other disciplines as needed to provide a tailored and coordinated approach to your objectives.  

Combine Hills Turbine Ranch